Prep 10 Breakdown - July

By Steve Widzinski
MI Grappler HS Analyst

#1 Zac Hall

Monthly Summary:
6-0 Junior Greco Duals 132/138lbs
Notable Wins
  • 6-4 Decision over #7 @132 Keegan Moore (OK state champ)
  • 3-1 Decision over Rodney Clevenger (2X MO runner-up)
5-0 Junior Freestyle Duals 132/138lbs
Notable Wins
  • 10-2 Decision over #8 @126 Zahid Valencia (2X CA state finalist)
  • 1-0 Decision over Jordan Laster (IL runner-up)
  • 10-0 TF over Josh Newberg (WA state champ)

Analysis: Hall really distanced himself from the pack this month, posting a combined 11-0 record at the Junior Duals. His most impressive win was a 10-2 decision over California’s Zahid Valencia, and after a runner-up finish in Fargo last year Hall appears to be in good shape for another run at a Junior Freestyle National title. Either way, it will take a dramatic turn of events for anyone to unseat Hall at #1 in the near future.

#2 Logan Massa

Monthly Summary:
4-1 Junior Greco Duals 138/145lbs
  • 8-1 TF loss to Michael Longo (CA – Junior GR AA)
Notable Wins
  • 8-0 TF over Cullen Cummings (IL runner-up)
  • 10-3 TF over Jake Hodges (GA State Champ)
5-2 Junior Freestyle Duals 138/145lbs
  • 13-2 TF to Mitch Bengston (4X MN state champ)
  • INJ DFLT to #1 @145 Bryce Brill (IL – JR FS national champ)
Notable Wins
  • 11-0 TF over #17 @138 Logan Ryan (IA state champ)
  • 10-0 TF over Terrance McKinnley (WA state champ)
  • 19-13 Decision over Ali Naser (CA state 4th)

Analysis: The Junior Duals were not friendly to Massa. His week in Oklahoma ended in agony, not due to his performance, but rather an injury suffered in his final match. Prior to his injury Massa had compiled a combined record of 9-2, posting several strong wins along the way.

In the Freestyle finals against Illinois Massa bumped up to take on Bryce Brill, the #1-ranked 145lbr in the country and the #3-ranked recruit in the class 2014 by both Flo and Intermat. After falling behind early in a high-scoring brawl, Massa mounted an impressive comeback thanks to his punishing physicality and relentless motor. Brill looked drained with over a minute remaining, and with his deficit trimmed to 15-13 Massa appeared to be on pace for arguably the biggest win of his career.

However, a long stoppage was enacted to settle a scoring dispute, and within seconds of restarting the match Massa went down in writhing pain as he clutched his ankle. Despite his best efforts to continue, Massa was ultimately forced to injury default in the match’s final seconds.

Due to his injury, which was confirmed as a broken ankle, Massa’s freestyle season is over and he will be unable to compete at Fargo this week. All factors considered, Massa had a solid Junior Duals performance that backed up his ranking, and his accomplishments at FILA Cadet/Junior Nationals this spring keep his #2 spot safe for the time being.

#3 Drew Garcia

Monthly Summary:
4-1 Junior Greco Duals 170/182lbs
  • 10-3 TF to #3 @182 Michael Pixley (MO state champ)
Notable Wins
  • 7-0 TF over Khalil Abdush-Shakur (GA state champ)
4-2 Junior Freestyle Duals 170/182lbs
  • 14-3 TF to #3 @170 Chandler Rogers (3X WA state champ)
  • 9-3 Decision to Troy Hembury (PA runner-up)
Notable Wins
  • 7-0 Decision over Joey Ariola (IL state champ)

Analysis: At first glance Garcia’s combined record of 8-3 at the Junior Duals looks rather pedestrian for a kid ranked as the #3 overall wrestler in the state. However, upon closer examination it is evident that he performed quite well against some truly elite competition.

Of his three losses, two came in matches where Garcia bumped up a weight class. He is not a big 170lbr to begin with, and was noticeably outsized in a pair of losses to elite 182lbrs. The only other loss Garcia suffered on the weekend was to recent Oklahoma State commit Chandler Rogers. In addition to being ranked #3 at 170lbs by Flo, Rogers also is listed as a top 15 recruit in the class of 2014 by Flo and Intermat. Despite his size disadvantage Garcia still managed to pull off one great win at 182, dominating graduated Illinois state champion Joey Ariola to the tune of a 7-0 decision.

Given the details, Garcia’s performance is on point with his ranking. Wrestling against heavier opponents should be beneficial in the long run, and Garcia may get a rematch with Rogers as he pursues a Junior Freestyle National Title in Fargo next week.

#4 Angus Arthur

Monthly Summary: Did not compete

Analysis: Arthur gets a free pass for not wrestling at the Junior Duals because he is training as a member of the Cadet World Team. He will not be active for Fargo either. Instead, Arthur’s summer competition will be on hold until late August when he travels across the globe to compete in Serbia at the 2013 FILA Cadet World Championships.

#5 Cole Weaver

Monthly Summary:
3-1 Junior Greco Duals 126lbs
  • By Fall to Cub Yeager (2X OK state champ)
Notable Wins
  • 11-2 TF over Jared Oftedahl (MN – Junior GR national champ)
  • 4-0 Decision over Jon Marmolejo (IL – Cadet GR runner-up)
2-1 Junior Freestyle Duals 126lbs
  • 11-0 TF to #1 @126 Jered Cortez (3X IL state champ)
Notable Wins
  • 10-TF over Gannon Volk (MN – Cadet FS national champ)

Analysis: Because of Team Michigan’s depth in the middle of the lineup Weaver only got to wrestle 7 matches at the Junior Duals, so his results are not too telling. While not to discredit Cub Yeager, Weaver’s only Greco loss ended by fall in less than a minute against an opponent he was expected to beat, so that result may be a bit misleading. His only other blemish came in Freestyle to Jered Cortez, the #1 126lbr and #9 P4P wrestler in the country according to Flo.

Both losses were balanced out by strong wins in Freestyle and Greco, and the result is that Weaver remains in the #5 spot for July. As I said last month, he has proven himself at Fargo in the past, and I still think he has a chance to vault as high as #2 by August. However, it is his first year at the junior age level, and he will be competing up at 132lbs in both styles after wrestling 126 throughout the spring. 

#6 Jordan Cooks

Monthly Summary:
2-0 Junior Greco Duals 170/182lbs
Notable Wins
  • 12-4 TF over Austin Repp (MO state champ)
  • 3-1 Junior Freestyle Duals 170/182lbs
2-1 Junior Freestyle Duals 170lbs
  • 11-1 TF to #13 @160 Davonte Mahomes (2X IL state 3rd)
Notable Wins
  • 14-13 Decision over #7 @170 Ryan Preisch (PA state 3rd)
  • 12-2 TF over Tim Miklus (IA state champ)

Analysis: Similar to Weaver, Cook’s mat time was limited at the Junior Duals due to Michigan’s outstanding depth in the middle of the lineup. In the six matches he did wrestle he was outstanding, and I think Cooks put some distance between himself and everyone ranked below him.

He suffered just one loss for a cumulative record of 5-1, and along the way earned a signature 14-13 win over Pennsylvanian Ryan Preisch. As of now it looks like Cooks will not be competing in Fargo, but his performance at the junior duals was a strong one that boosted recruiting stock. With his Freestyle season likely over, there is a chance he could be back on the Folkstyle circuit later this month at the Grand River Rumble.

#7 Justin Oliver

Monthly Summary:
4-1 Junior Greco Duals 138/145lbs
  • 8-0 TF to Logan Kass (MN state 4th)
4-3 Junior Freestyle Duals 138/145lbs
  • 10-0 TF to #6 @138 Joey McKenna (NJ – FILA Cadet FS national champ)
  • By Fall to Zack Determan (SD state 6th)
  • By Fall to Alberto Pedraza (FL)
Notable Wins
  • 17-12 Decision over Jake Hodges (GA state champ)
  • 10-0 TF over Dylan Urbach (ND state champ)

Analysis: Oliver’s skill set is far more compatible with Folkstyle than FS or GR, so I give him a ton of credit for continually competing on the USAW circuit over the years and making some tremendous strides. He was inconsistent at Junior Duals, but by competing against some of the country’s best and posting a combined record of 8-4 he did enough to validate his #7 ranking.

I also think that his Freestyle record could be a little deceiving. Don’t get me wrong; a loss is a loss. However, he was pinned quickly by two relative unknowns, but still managed to defeat two state champions. I think that disparity in results is a product of his constantly forward paced style that can at times open up big moves for his opponents. If learns from his experience and continues to improve Oliver has a legitimate shot to be a double AA in Fargo.

#8 Nate Limmex

Monthly Summary: Did not compete

Analysis: It has been a quiet summer for Limmex following his breakout performance at Flonationals in April. He is now established as one of the nation’s best wrestlers, but his inactivity may hurt his Prep 10 ranking moving forward. Limmex has never been very active on the FS/GR circuit, and unfortunately there are a limited number of opportunities to wrestle against premier national Folkstyle competition during the summer months. The Midwest Grand Challenge, America’s Cup and Disney Duals have all passed by, so I’m hoping he will in action at the Grand River Rumble later in July.

#9 Lincoln Olson

Monthly Summary: Did not compete

Analysis: Olson missed the Junior Duals, but he is slated to hit the mats in Fargo next week at 126lbs. He looked phenomenal at FILA Cadets earlier this spring, and seems very comfortable at his new weight class. There is not a lot a separating Oliver, Limmex, Olson and Marcicki, so there is the potential for a lot of movement in the #7-10 range next month based on what happens in the FargoDome.

#10 Logan Marcicki

Monthly Summary:
3-2 Junior Greco Duals 160lbs
  • 6-1 Decision to #7 @152 Anthony Valencia (2X CA state finalist)
  • 8-0 TF to #8 @170 Xavier Montalvo (IL state champ)
Notable Wins
  • 8-2 Decision over Jake Henson (GA state champ)
  • 8-0 TF over Jacobe Smith (OK runner-up)
3-2 Junior Freestyle Duals 160lbs
  • 13-3 TF to #7 @152 Anthony Valencia (2X CA state finalist)
  • 10-0 TF to #8 @170 Xavier Montalvo (IL state champ)
Notable Wins
  • 10-0 TF over Dayton Racer (MN state champ)

Analysis: Team Michigan was outstanding at the Junior Duals, and as a result they wrestled in the championship bracket against other elite states. The result was a lot of misleading individual records, and perhaps none more so than Marcicki. His combined mark of 6-4 may not be overly impressive on the surface, but all of Marcicki’s losses came at the hand of wresters who currently hold top-10 national rankings.

Factor in three impressive wins, and he is in good shape heading into Fargo. Marcicki has competed more than anyone on the USAW Circuit this spring, and for the first time will only be competing in one style (Freestyle).

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