Storr & Lajoie finish All-American in Cadet Greco

7/16 - The 2nd day of Fargo took its toll on the Michigan Cadets as a fleet of
grapplers entered the 2nd day of Cadet Greco competetion with high hopes set
on All-American honors, but only two survived the grind and made it to the

Leslie sophomore to-be Kanen Storr, a first year Cadet who won the D3 State
Title this year, battled to the final round-robin of his 113lb pool before dropping a
pair of matches to nationally ranked opponents Chad Red (IN) and Mitchell
McKee (MN).  Storr won his 5th place match over returning Cadet FS All-
American Tray Libolt of Oregon.

Another first year Cadet making his Fargo debut finished as an All-American -
Dominic Lajoie, an incoming freshman at Gaylord, finished 7th at 94lbs.  Lajoie
won his first three matches via tech-fall before dropping his next two to fall into
the 7th place match, where he won via fall over Brett Smith of California.

Junior Greco-Roman competetion started yesterday and will wrap up today
before the Cadets return to the mats on Wednesday for Freestyle competetion.

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Cadet Greco-Roman Brackets
Junior Greco-Roman Brackets

Michigan All-Americans
94lbs - Dominic Lajoie, 7th
113lbs - Kanen Storr, 5th

Michigan Results - Cadet Greco
Cadet-88 - Garret Cleveland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jason Holmes (Arizona) over Garret Cleveland (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Garret Cleveland (Michigan) TF 8-0

Cadet-88 - Cole Janes's place is unknown.
Match #1 Cade Olivas (California) over Cole Janes (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #2 Joe Thomas (Maryland) over Cole Janes (Michigan) TF 9-0

Cadet-94 - Dominic Lajoie's place is 7th.
Match #1 Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) over Coby Vandertoolen (Utah) TF 7-0
Match #2 Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) over Ross Rayfield (Ohio) TF 7-0
Match #3 Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) TF 13-6
Match #4 Jeremy Nygard (Washington) over Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) TF 10-3
Match #5 Randon Miranda (California) over Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) Fall 2:01
Match #6 Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) over Brett Smith (California) Fall 2:57

Cadet-100 - Freddy Burchett's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jakob Allison (Iowa) over Freddy Burchett (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Colton Ryan (Wisconsin) over Freddy Burchett (Michigan) TF 9-1

Cadet-100 - Ben Freeman's place is unknown.
Match #1 Joseph Grass (West Virginia) over Ben Freeman (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Michael Hummer (Missouri) over Ben Freeman (Michigan) Fall 1:57

Cadet-113 - Kyle Roberts's place is unknown.
Match #1 Joshua Kramer (Arizona) over Kyle Roberts (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #2 Zac Bylykbashi (Connecticut) over Kyle Roberts (Michigan) Dec 12-7

Cadet-113 - Jon Martin's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jon Martin (Michigan) over Josten Saribay (Hawaii) Fall 0:47
Match #2 Scott Danner (Idaho) over Jon Martin (Michigan) Fall 0:43
Match #3 Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) over Jon Martin (Michigan) TF 10-1

Cadet-113 - Kanen Storr's place is 5th.
Match #1 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Carlos Alvarez (California) TF 7-0
Match #2 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Jacob Garrison (Idaho) TF 7-0
Match #3 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Tristan Hellstrom (Utah) Dec 3-2
Match #4 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Austin Reed (Oregon) TF 7-0
Match #5 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Luke Gardner (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-4
Match #6 Tyler Megonigal (Virginia) over Kanen Storr (Michigan) Dec 3-1
Match #7 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Kyle DiNapoli (New Jersey) TF 8-0
Match #8 CJ Red (Indiana) over Kanen Storr (Michigan) Fall 5:00
Match #9 Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) over Kanen Storr (Michigan) Dec 10-4
Match #10 Kanen Storr (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #11 Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Trayton Libolt (Oregon) Dec 5-4

Cadet-120 - Joe Traynham's place is unknown.
Match #1 Bryce Fitzgerald (Wisconsin) over Joe Traynham (Michigan) TF 10-2
Match #2 Nathaniel Newberry (Pennsylvania) over Joe Traynham (Michigan) TF 7-0

Cadet-120 - Daniel Shear's place is unknown.
Match #1 Daniel Shear (Michigan) over Brycen Swan (Oklahoma) Dec 6-3
Match #2 Josh Rozell (Illinois) over Daniel Shear (Michigan) Dec 8-2
Match #3 Roshaun Cooley (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Shear (Michigan) TF 8-0

Cadet-138 - Milik Dawkins's place is unknown.
Match #1 Milik Dawkins (Michigan) over Grant Brown (Iowa) Fall 1:42
Match #2 Milik Dawkins (Michigan) over Billy Holtan (North Dakota) TF 9-2
Match #3 Milik Dawkins (Michigan) over Dalton Hawkins (Maryland) Dec 6-5
Match #4 Milik Dawkins (Michigan) over Jake Mikovitz (Pennsylvania) Fall 2:41
Match #5 David Kasper (Illinois) over Milik Dawkins (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #6 Milik Dawkins (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #7 Dominick Demas (Ohio) over Milik Dawkins (Michigan) TF 10-3

Cadet-138 - Connor Myers's place is unknown.
Match #1 Connor Myers (Michigan) over Antonio Nieves (Washington) TF 7-0
Match #2 Connor Myers (Michigan) over Zachery Bendick (New York) TF 7-0
Match #3 Connor Myers (Michigan) over Cameron Harrell (Maryland) TF 13-6
Match #4 Connor Myers (Michigan) over Jesse Shearer (North Dakota) TF 8-0
Match #5 Larry Early (Illinois) over Connor Myers (Michigan) TF 9-2
Match #6 Chase Lemons (Idaho) over Connor Myers (Michigan) TF 7-0

Cadet-160 - Jelani Embree's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jelani Embree (Michigan) over Marcus Dodson (Nebraska) Fall 1:27
Match #2 Jelani Embree (Michigan) over Kevin Castillo (California) TF 9-0
Match #3 Chris Albert (Ohio) over Jelani Embree (Michigan) FF
Match #4 Jelani Embree (Michigan) over Zafar Iskandarov (New York) TF 9-2
Match #5 Mark Hall (Colorado) over Jelani Embree (Michigan) TF 8-0

Cadet-160 - Riley Griffin's place is unknown.
Match #1 Spencer Heywood (Utah) over Riley Griffin (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Andrew Gombas (New Jersey) over Riley Griffin (Michigan) TF 7-0

Cadet-182 - Mason Litz's place is unknown.
Match #1 Roberto Rivera (Georgia) over Mason Litz (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Andrew Marsden (Illinois) over Mason Litz (Michigan) Fall 1:49

Cadet-195 - Devin Burnison's place is unknown.
Match #1 Devin Burnison (Michigan) over Robert Kresge (California) Fall 1:43
Match #2 Ethan Andersen (Iowa) over Devin Burnison (Michigan) TF 10-2
Match #3 Devin Burnison (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #4 Randy Scott (Indiana) over Devin Burnison (Michigan) TF 8-0

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