Fowlerville duo nabs Junior Greco Titles


The Junior Greco Finals went down last night in Fargo and the
session started and ended with a Fowlerville, Michigan grappler
getting his hand raised.  Dalton Roberts (100) won a thrilling 22-16
slugfest over Kirk Johansen in his first ever Fargo finals
appearance while Adam Coon (285) won his 3rd straight Junior
Greco Title with a 7-0 pounding over Sam Stoll of MN, who beat
Coon last month at the FILA Junior Team Trials.

Coon is looking to make history as the first USA Wrestler to win
back-to-back Junior Triple Crowns.  Coon has now won the first
two legs of the triple crown with a Folkstyle title in April and the
Greco Title last night.  His final leg begins tommorrow when
Junior Freestyle begins.

Roberts scored 5 tech-falls to make the 100lb finals before
winning his back and forth match with Johansen that ended with
38 points scored all together.  Roberts made one of the biggest
Fargo turn-arounds in recent memory after going 0-2 last year in Cadet Greco at 88lbs and bouncing back this year with a 6-0 record at Junior 100lbs and a National Title.

Davison standout Justin Oliver earned his first ever Fargo All-American honor with a 5th place finish at 138lbs.  Oliver finished 6-2 overall and capped off his run with a tech-fall win over Andrew Crone of Wisconsin who was top 4 in Greco last year in Fargo.

Junior Greco All-Americans
100lbs - Dalton Roberts, 1st
138lbs - Justin Oliver, 5th
285lbs - Adam Coon, 1st

Junior Greco Results (MIchigan)
Junior-100 - Dalton Roberts's place is 1st.
Match #1 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Trae Vasquez (Montana) TF 7-0
Match #2 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Cole Rohan (Oregon) TF 7-0
Match #3 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Riley Lull (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
Match #4 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Brandon Cunningham (Alabama) TF 8-0
Match #5 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Hunter Wright (Virginia) TF 8-1
Match #6 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Brandon Cunningham (Alabama) TF 8-0
Match #7 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Kirk Johansen (Illinois) Dec 22-16

Junior-113 - Dean Roberts's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyear Castle (Maryland) over Dean Roberts (Michigan) Dec 7-1
Match #2 Bill Prochniewski (Wisconsin) over Dean Roberts (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-113 - Taylor Ticknor's place is unknown.
Match #1 Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) over Joseph Felix (Arizona) TF 7-0
Match #2 Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) over Josh Jensen (Utah) TF 7-0
Match #3 Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #4 Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) over Josiah Seaton (Kansas) TF 8-0
Match #5 Devan Richter (Missouri) over Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) Fall 0:52

Junior-120 - Zachary Schaub's place is unknown.
Match #1 James Flint (Florida) over Zachary Schaub (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Zachary Schaub (Michigan) over Walker Christensen (Wisconsin) Dec 10-7
Match #3 Zachary Schaub (Michigan) over Skylar Franks (Texas) TF 13-4
Match #4 Cheick Ndiaye (New York) over Zachary Schaub (Michigan) TF 8-1

Junior-120 - Daniel Curtis's place is unknown.
Match #1 Isiah Johnson (Missouri) over Daniel Curtis (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #2 Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) over Daniel Curtis (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-120 - Jesse Cleveland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Ricardo Yanez (Texas) over Jesse Cleveland (Michigan) Dec 5-1
Match #2 Nick Mancini (Ohio) over Jesse Cleveland (Michigan) Fall 0:33

Junior-120 - Chris Poland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chris Poland (Michigan) over Nolan Laux (Nebraska) TF 8-0
Match #2 Chris Poland (Michigan) over Dominique Shelby (Indiana) TF 8-0
Match #3 Ty Pelot (Wisconsin) over Chris Poland (Michigan) Fall 1:01
Match #4 Chris Poland (Michigan) over Michael Stewart (Ohio) Fall 1:39
Match #5 Casey Cobb (Idaho) over Chris Poland (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-120 - Kyle Noonan's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kyle Noonan (Michigan) over Alexander Juarez (Arizona) Fall 3:50
Match #2 Kyle Noonan (Michigan) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) Fall 4:22
Match #3 Austin Day (Florida) over Kyle Noonan (Michigan) TF 9-2
Match #4 Tres Leon (Wisconsin) over Kyle Noonan (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-132 - Jordan Markey's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jordan Markey (Michigan) over Brian Burchett (Washington) TF 17-9
Match #2 Victor Trujillo (California) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #3 Jordan Markey (Michigan) over Ryan Snow (New York) Fall 5:53
Match #4 Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) TF 16-8

Junior-138 - Steven Bleise's place is unknown.
Match #1 John Kenyon (Idaho) over Steven Bleise (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Brock Jacobson (Virginia) over Steven Bleise (Michigan) Dec 14-8

Junior-138 - Justin Oliver's place is 5th.
Match #1 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Evan Fairchild (West Virginia) TF 8-0
Match #2 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Zane Nelson (Arizona) TF 7-0
Match #3 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Michael Sprague (Maryland) Dec 9-8
Match #4 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Kurtis Loftis (Idaho) TF 8-1
Match #5 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Sean Lutovsky (Washington) Fall 0:34
Match #6 Blaine Invernon (Idaho) over Justin Oliver (Michigan) TF 10-3
Match #7 Justin Oliver (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #8 Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) over Justin Oliver (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #9 Blaine Invernon (Idaho) over Justin Oliver (Michigan) TF 10-3
Match #10 Justin Oliver (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #11 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) TF 8-1

Junior-138 - Zehlin Storr's place is unknown.
Match #1 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Trevor Kurtz (Washington) TF 7-0
Match #2 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Kyle Ford (Arizona) TF 11-2
Match #3 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Carlos Lozoya (Nevada) Dec 7-6
Match #4 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Johnathan Gahagan (Illinois) TF 7-0
Match #5 Zac Youngchild (Wisconsin) over Zehlin Storr (Michigan) Fall 0:49
Match #6 Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) over Zehlin Storr (Michigan) TF 10-2

Junior-152 - Jake Johnson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jake Johnson (Michigan) over Trey Grine (Ohio) TF 10-3
Match #2 Jake Johnson (Michigan) over Michael Barnson (Nevada) TF 9-1
Match #3 Jake Johnson (Michigan) over Robert Janis (Virginia) TF 9-0
Match #4 Jake Johnson (Michigan) over Thomas Nimakoh (Illinois) TF 8-0
Match #5 Logan Breitenbach (Maryland) over Jake Johnson (Michigan) Fall 2:39
Match #6 Andrew Millsap (Kansas) over Jake Johnson (Michigan) Dec 4-1

Junior-152 - Rocco Borg's place is unknown.
Match #1 Rocco Borg (Michigan) over Maksimilian Garkusha (New York) TF 8-0
Match #2 Rocco Borg (Michigan) over Kareem Johnson (Washington) Fall 2:07
Match #3 Johnathan Blackwell (Kansas) over Rocco Borg (Michigan) 3C
Match #4 Rocco Borg (Michigan) over Jacob Asher (Maryland) TF 8-0
Match #5 Anthony Valencia (California) over Rocco Borg (Michigan) TF 8-0

Junior-152 - Andrew Napieraj's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) over Jt Barnes (Oregon) Fall 2:25
Match #2 Luke Fortuna (Illinois) over Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) TF 8-0
Match #3 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #4 Jon Jay Chavez (Idaho) over Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) TF 9-0

Junior-160 - Andrew Scott's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Scott (Michigan) over Aaron Blaine (Washington) Fall 1:26
Match #2 Andrew Scott (Michigan) over John Leal (California) Dec 14-11
Match #3 Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Andrew Scott (Michigan) Dec 8-2
Match #4 Andrew Scott (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #5 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Andrew Scott (Michigan) TF 12-5

Junior-160 - Alex Cornelius's place is unknown.
Match #1 Bobby Twigg (Maryland) over Alex Cornelius (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Grant Nehring (Minnesota) over Alex Cornelius (Michigan) TF 10-2

Junior-170 - Mitch Craig's place is unknown.
Match #1 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Hunter Fenk (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #2 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Tyler McNutt (Missouri) TF 12-3
Match #3 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Hayden Miles (Oregon) Fall 1:04
Match #4 Daniel Marquette (Minnesota) over Mitch Craig (Michigan) TF 10-2
Match #5 Jared Johnson (Kansas) over Mitch Craig (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-170 - Curt Calvecchio's place is unknown.
Match #1 Connor Wagh (Maryland) over Curt Calvecchio (Michigan) TF 14-7
Match #2 Curt Calvecchio (Michigan) over Ryan Padillia (Colorado) TF 8-0
Match #3 Gable Frandsen (Wisconsin) over Curt Calvecchio (Michigan) Dec 6-5

Junior-182 - Tyler Wildmo's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) over Sean Ward (Illinois) TF 10-3
Match #2 Troy Murtha (Maryland) over Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) TF 11-4
Match #3 Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) over Jake Anderson (Nebraska) TF 7-0
Match #4 Dylan Blackford (Iowa) over Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-285 - Zach Wood's place is unknown.
Match #1 Nolan Terrance (New York) over Zach Wood (Michigan) TF 7-0
Match #2 Zach Wood (Michigan) over Hector Garcia (Nevada) Fall 0:09
Match #3 Bailey Sutko (Missouri) over Zach Wood (Michigan) TF 7-0

Junior-285 - Adam Coon's place is 1st.
Match #1 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Josh Tessler (California) Fall 0:14
Match #2 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Nolan Malloy (Oklahoma) Fall 0:20
Match #3 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Michael Hobbs (Illinois) Fall 0:20
Match #4 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Kye Yraguen (Oregon) Fall 0:39
Match #5 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Wyatt Spears (Oregon) TF 7-0
Match #6 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Newton Smerchek (Wisconsin) Fall 0:32
Match #7 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Newton Smerchek (Wisconsin) Fall 0:32
Match #8 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Wyatt Spears (Oregon) TF 0-7
Match #9 Adam Coon (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #10 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Sam Stoll (Minnesota) TF 7-0

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National Champions Roberts (left) and Coon (right)