Chubb Chubb, Rampage among winners at Grand River Rumble

7/22 - The MI Chubb Chubb dynasty continued with another big Duals win this weekend at the Grand River Rumble in the High School Division.  Chubb Chubb knocked off Flat River in an All-Michigan High School division final.  Rampage WC kept the Middle Schoo title in-state as well with a 35-15 win over Indiana Zeal in the finals while Team Orange out of New Jersey won the Elementary Title. 

High School Division Results:
1st - Michigan Chubb Chubb Pink
2nd - Flat River WC (MI)
3rd - MI Gold Pitbulls
4th - Rampage Red WC (MI)

Championship Finals
102Davion Gowens (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Sam Russell (Flat River WC) TF 17-2
108Dylan Wilkins (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Kevin Fuller (Flat River WC) OT 8-2
117Hayden Lee (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Clay Ragon (Flat River WC) TF 17-2
125Jake Gromacki (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Bailey Jack (Flat River WC) Dec 8-1
130Zack Cooper (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Mitch Rogaliner (Flat River WC) Dec 13-6
138Jordan Hall (Flat River WC) over Jared Fekete (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) Dec 6-3
145Joel Rees (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
155Jason Peacock (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Chase Roberts (Flat River WC) Pin 2:36
165Dom Latora (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Nick Vandermeer (Flat River WC) Dec 6-5
175Devon Pingel (Flat River WC) over Derek Hillman (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) Dec 7-6
185Shane Rodenburg (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Max Dean (Flat River WC) Dec 6-2
195Garett Stehley (Flat River WC) over Donavan Fouchey (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) Dec 1-0
220Donavan Fouchey (Michigan Chub Chub Pink) over Jake Alarie (Flat River WC) Dec 5-1
295Ryan Prescott (Flat River WC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Undefeated Wrestlers
*minimum 4 matches
102lbs - Mike Higley (Rampage Red)
102lbs - Tyler Griffiths (All-American)
102lbs - Brendan Stevens (BC Lakeview)
108lbs - Benny Gomez (Rampage Red)
117lbs - Martin Rodriguez (Rampage Red)
117lbs- Austin Holmes (HSE-IN)
117lbs - Zach Davis (Indiana Elite)
117lbs - Hayden Lee (Chubb Chubb)
117lbs - Noah Gonser (Rampage Black)
117lbs - Cody Vogel (Higher Level-WI)
125lbs - Matt Santos (MI Gold Pitbulls)
125lbs - Mason Smith (MI Red Poppers)
125lbs - Jake Gromacki (Chubb Chubb)
130lbs - Mitch Pawlak (MI Gold Pitbulls)
130lbs - Nick Crume (Indiana Elite)
130lbs - Tommy Cash (Indiana Zeal)
138lbs - Jordan Hall (Flat River)
138lbs - Tyler Knul (Ohio Mafia)
145lbs - Kaelen Richards (Rampage Red)
145lbs - Jake Klingaman (MI Blue)
145lbs - Jacob Heaps (BC Lakeview)
155lbs - Tristan Macri (MI Gold Pitbulls)
155lbs - Ryan Artz (HSE-IN)
155lbs - Ross Pennock (BC Lakeview)
155lbs - Jason Peacock (Chubb Chubb)
165lbs - Dom Latora (Chubb Chubb)
165lbs - Tyler Schneider (Indiana Elite)
165lbs - Dylan Decker (Valhalla WC-MI)
165lbs - Jackari Vines (MI Rep Poppers)
175lbs - Devon Pingel (Flat River)
175lbs - Kyle Carter (MC Hammers)
175lbs - Darrin Decker (Valhalla WC-MI)
185lbs - Shane Rodenburg (Chub Chubb)
185lbs - Galloway Thurston (BC Lakeview)
185lbs - Dominic Sterr (TNE Chicago Deep Dish)
195lbs - Garrett Stehley (Flat River WC)
220lbs - Jordan Brandon (MI Gold Pitbulls)
220lbs - Rodney Harvey (BC Lakeview)
220lbs - Jacob Aven (Indiana Zeal)
220lbs - Devin Nye (Ohio Mafia)
220lbs - Kendall Betteridge (Care O Bears)
295lbs - Ryan Prescott (Flat River WC)
295lbs - Patrick Garren (Ohio Mafia)

Middle School Division Results:
1st - Rampage WC (MI)
2nd - Indiana Zeal
3rd - Chi City Monstars (IL)
4th - TNE Chicago Deep Dish (IL)

Championship Finals
Rampage WC defeated Indiana Zeal 35-15
75 - Corey Gamet (Rampage WC) over Breyden Littell (Indiana Zeal) Dec 4-0
80 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana Zeal) over Kyle Kantola (Rampage WC) Pin 4:04
85 - Caden Natale (Rampage WC) over Kade Zadylak (Indiana Zeal) Pin 4:21
90 - Dakota Greer (Rampage WC) over Josh Vaughn (Indiana Zeal) Dec 4-0
95 - AJ Facundo (Rampage WC) over Kory Cavanaugh (Indiana Zeal) Dec 15-8
100 - Austin Franco (Rampage WC) over Levi Black (Indiana Zeal) TF 18-2
105 - Hayden Culver (Rampage WC) over Cooper Abramson (Indiana Zeal) Pin 1:08
110 - Skylar Turner (Indiana Zeal) over Dante Latora (Rampage WC) Dec 7-3
120 - Danny Pfeffer (Rampage WC) over Jon Becker (Indiana Zeal) Dec 12-11
130 - Wyatt Montgomery (Indiana Zeal) over Clay Smith (Rampage WC) Dec 9-6
140 - Kam Bush (Rampage WC) over Jacob Gray (Indiana Zeal) Dec 3-0
160 - Brandon Whitman (Rampage WC) over Bryce Baumgartener (Indiana Zeal) Dec 7-0
260 - Gunnar Larson (Indiana Zeal) over Logan Kennedy (Rampage WC) Dec 8-1

Undefeated Wrestlers
*minimum 4 matches
75lbs - Travis Ford-Melton (Harvey Twisters-IL)
75lbs - Corey Gamet (Rampage WC-MI)
75lbs - Jake Hiles (Orange & Blue-NJ)
80lbs - Alex Moscini (Indiana Zeal-IN)
80lbs - Austin Rudsinski (Orange & Blue-NJ)
85lbs - Holden Heller (Chi City Monstars-IL)
85lbs - Hassan Johnson (Harvey Twisters-IL)
90lbs - Brandon Lucas (Lawrenceburg WC-IN)
95lbs - Graham Rooks (Indiana Outlaws-IN)
100lbs - Anthony Madrigal (Chi City Monstars-IL)
100lbs - Austin Franco (Rampage WC-MI)
105lbs - Jason Renteria (Chi City Monstars-IL)
105lbs - Caleb Brooks (MI Gold Pitbulls-MI)
105lbs - Luke Wymer (Akron WC-MI)
105lbs - Ryan Moore (Kentuckia Highlanders-IN)
110lbs - Nino Bastianelli (MI Gold Pitbulls-MI)
120lbs - Carlos Champagne (Chi City Monstars-IL)
120lbs - Danny Pfeffer (Rampage WC-MI)
130lbs - Gerad Bott (MI Gold Pitbulls-MI)
140lbs - Hunter Gasper (MI Gold Pitbulls-MI)
140lbs - Joe Koontz (Akron WC-MI)
160lbs - Andrew Davison (Indiana Outlaws-IN)
160lbs- Brandon Whitman (Rampage WC-MI)
260lbs - Kyle Schaffer (Lawrenceburg-IN)
260lbs - Gunnar Larson (Indiana Zeal-IN)

Elementary Division Results:
1st  - Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling
2nd  - Team Iowa
3rd  - Bolingbrook Jr Raiders
4th  - Team Indiana Gold

Championship Finals
Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling defeated Team Iowa 48-15
45 - Carson Newton (Team Iowa) over Jake Zaltsman (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) Pin 1:45
50 - Dean Savercool (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Derrick Bass (Team Iowa) Pin 1:54
55 - Shane Nelson (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Cooper Sanders (Team Iowa) Maj 10-0
60 - Joseph Manno (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Beau Klingensmith (Team Iowa) Dec 2-0
65 - Wil Guida (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Cullan Schriever (Team Iowa) Maj 10-0
70 - Adam Allard (Team Iowa) over Anthony Clark (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) Dec 4-0
75 - Brandon LaRue (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Jack Gaukel (Team Iowa) Pin 0:40
80 - Nick Rosengrant (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Dillon Lynott (Team Iowa) Maj 14-2
85 - Cade DeVos (Team Iowa) over Caleb Haynes (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) Dec 3-0
90 - Scott Jarosz (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Collin Lewis (Team Iowa) Dec 3-2
95 - Jared McGill (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Lance Runyon (Team Iowa) Pin 1:59
100 - Chris Foca (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Aden Reeves (Team Iowa) Dec 8-2
110 - Ricky Cabanillas (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Kyler Reick (Team Iowa) Dec 7-0
125 - Jacob Wempen (Team Iowa) over Eli Pokorney (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) Dec 1-0
HWT - Alex Hirschfield (Team Orange A&B Core Wrestling) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Undefeated Wrestlers
*minimum 4 matches
45 - Mason Willis (MI Maulers)
50 - Dean Savercool (NJ Team Orange A&B)
50 - Jaciah Whitcomb (PA Gladiators)
55 - Sammie Hayes (IL Blue)
55 - Braeden Davis (MI Maulers)
60 - Joseph Manno (NJ Team Orange A&B)
65 - Wil Guida (NJ Team Orange A&B)
65 - Hunter Assenmacher (MI Maulers)
70 - Adam Allard (IA Team Iowa)
70 - Dylan Ragusin (IL Blue)
70 - Dominick Lomazzo (MI Maulers)
75 - Vincent Zerban (IL King Select)
75 - David Stepanian (Pride WC)
80 - James Pierandozzi (IL Bollingbrook Jr Raiders)
80 - Reece Heller (IL Blue)
85 - Jake Schnoenegge (IN Gold)
85 - Riley Palm (IL TNE Chicago Deep Dish)
90 - Jacob Dado (IL Bollingbrook Jr Raiders)
90 - Juan Bazaldua (IL King Select)
95 - Jared McGill (NJ Team Orange A&B)
95 - Ty McGeary (PA Gladiators)
100 - Tucker Coffman (IN Gold)
100 - Chris Foca (NJ Team Orange A&B)
110 - BJ Bailey (IL Harvey Twisters)
125 - Brooks Wathen (IN Gold)
125 - Cory Peterson (IL King Select)
HWT - Ronald Tucker (IL Bollingbrook Jr Raiders)
HWT - Bryan McCurry (MI Flat River)

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