Coon makes history in Fargo with another Triple Crown

7/22 - Adam Coon's career was already pretty historic,
but the 4x State Champ and University of Michigan
recruit put another cherry on top this weekend in Fargo
winning the Junior Freestyle National Title in dominant
fashion with a 26 second Tech-Fall in the 285lb Finals
over Nathan Butler of Kansas. 

The title made Coon a Triple Crown Winner, winning
Folkstyle, Greco, and Freestyle National titles and he
became the first wrestler in history to do so in back-to-
back years in the Junior Division.  

His Fargo finale was his most impressive showing yet
as the 2013 MIG Wrestler of The Year stormed through
the 285lb bracket, going 7-0 with 3 shutout tech-falls
and 4 first period falls.

6 other Michigan preps earned All-American status in
the loaded Junior Division - Dalton Roberts (100),
Camden Bertucci (113), Zac Hall (132), Logan Marcicki
(160), Andrew Garcia (170), and Payne Hayden (195).

Hayden, also a soon-to-be Wolverine for the University
of Michigan, finished 4th at 195lbs in his final Fargo
appearance with his two losses both coming to
Oklahomans.  The State Champ and GFC Champ was
fresh off a Junior Pan AmChampionhship a few days

Marcicki's 4th place finish was arguably the best
national showings of his career in terms of big time
wins.  His only pool loss was to eventual champ
Davonte Mahomes of IL and he scored big wins over
Iowa State Champ Tim Miklus, Arizona State Champ Seth Monty, Minnesota State Runner Up Paden Moore, and FILA Cadet All-American Chris Weiler of PA, who is ranked #15 in the country at 170lbs.

Dalton Roberts finished up a strong weekend with a 4th place finish, good for double All-American status after winning the Greco Title earlier in the week.  Roberts was 4-1 in his pool to advance to the 3rd place match.

St. Johns senior-to-be Zac Hall put together one of the best Fargo performances of all finishing 5th in one of the deepest, toughest weights in recent memory.  Hall rattled off his first 8 wins to advance to his pool round-robin at 132lbs including a 22-13 win over #2 ranked Hayden Tuma of Idaho.  His win over Tuma knocked the Greco National Champ out of the bracket, resulting in a DNP for the 2nd ranked wrestler in the country according to Flo.  In the round-robin, Hall lost a pair of nailbiters 12-11 to Gary Wayne Harding of Oklahoma (#13 at 138) and 8-6 to Kyle Gliva of Minnesota, dropping him into the 5th place match where he upended #13 ranked Jacob Rubio of Texas.

Also competing at 132lbs was 2x State Champ Cole Weaver of Hudson.  Weaver, a returning Cadet Freestyle Runner-Up from last year, scored a signature 11-9 win over #6 Seth Gross of Minnesota in a rematch of last year's final, however, Weaver was knocked off by #7 Fredy Stroker by score of 12-11 and failed to advance to the placing rounds.  Gross, who Weaver beat, went on a tear after his loss to Weaver and ended up winning the 132lb Championship.

2x State Champ Drew Garcia of DCC finished 7th in a loaded 170lb bracket.  After starting out 5-0, Garcia dropped his last two pool bouts to graduated Wyoming bound Zach Beard of Oklahoma, who finished this year ranked #1 in the country at 170lbs, and current #2 ranked Bo Nickal of Texas.  He scored a tech-fall in the finals to finish 7th.

Camden Bertucci added Junior All-American honors after earning Cadet Freestyle All-American honors last year.  Bertucci started out with 5 straight wins before losing eventual champ Elijiah Oliver of Tennessee and suffering an injury that withdrew him from the tournament.  He still locked up 4th place in the pool and finished 8th overall to earn All-American status.

Full Results

Michigan All-Americans
100lbs - Dalton Roberts (4th)
113lbs - Camden Bertucci (8th)
132lbs - Zac Hall (5th)
160lbs - Logan Marcicki (4th)
170lbs - Andrew Garcia (7th)
195lbs - Payne Hayden (4th)
285lbs - Adam Coon (1st)

Michigan Results
Junior-100 - Dalton Roberts's place is 4th.
Match #1 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Sodan Ka (Minnesota) Fall 1:46
Match #2 Francis Edelen (Illinois) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan) Fall 4:13
Match #3 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Zac Hanson (Washington) Fall 0:34
Match #4 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Brandon Cunningham (Alabama) TF 13-2
Match #5 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #6 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) over Zac McCauley (Ohio) Dec 16-12
Match #7 Francis Edelen (Illinois) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan) Fall 4:13
Match #8 Dalton Roberts (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #9 Cameron Hunsaker (Utah) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan) Fall 4:20

Junior-113 - Camden Bertucci's place is 8th.
Match #1 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #2 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over Patrick Tafoya (Texas) TF 11-0
Match #3 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #4 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over Jacob Cytrynbaum (Oregon) TF 10-0
Match #5 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over John Twomey (New York) Fall 2:11
Match #6 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over Tyler Casamenti (New Jersey) Fall 2:44
Match #7 Elijah Oliver (Tennessee) over Camden Bertucci (Michigan) Fall 0:40
Match #8 Armando Torres (Ohio) over Camden Bertucci (Michigan) ID

Junior-113 - Dean Roberts's place is unknown.
Match #1 Timothy Taylor (Maryland) over Dean Roberts (Michigan) TF 11-0
Match #2 Jacoby Peterson (Oregon) over Dean Roberts (Michigan) Fall 2:00

Junior-120 - Daniel Curtis's place is unknown.
Match #1 Daniel Curtis (Michigan) over William Kelly (Virginia) TF 13-3
Match #2 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Daniel Curtis (Michigan) Fall 1:17
Match #3 Peter Robinson (Massachusetts) over Daniel Curtis (Michigan) TF 15-5

Junior-120 - Chris Poland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chris Poland (Michigan) over Jordan Taylor (Oregon) TF 15-4
Match #2 Chris Poland (Michigan) over Alexander Juarez (Arizona) TF 14-3
Match #3 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma) over Chris Poland (Michigan) FF
Match #4 Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) over Chris Poland (Michigan) TF 11-0

Junior-120 - Kyle Noonan's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kyle Noonan (Michigan) over Cortez Arredondo (Minnesota) TF 17-7
Match #2 Kyle Noonan (Michigan) over Aaron Beckman (Missouri) TF 12-2
Match #3 Kyle Noonan (Michigan) over Audie Batsford (California) TF 10-0
Match #4 Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Kyle Noonan (Michigan) Fall 0:48
Match #5 Austin Assad (Ohio) over Kyle Noonan (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-120 - Taylor Ticknor's place is unknown.
Match #1 Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) over Wyatt Becker (Minnesota) TF 11-0
Match #2 Eli Hale (Oklahoma) over Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) TF 12-2
Match #3 Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #4 Matthew Morris (New York) over Taylor Ticknor (Michigan) TF 12-2

Junior-120 - Zachary Schaub's place is unknown.
Match #1 Zachary Schaub (Michigan) over Nolan Laux (Nebraska) TF 19-8
Match #2 Casey Cobb (Idaho) over Zachary Schaub (Michigan) TF 11-0
Match #3 Forrest Glogouski (Indiana) over Zachary Schaub (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-126 - Trevor Zdebski's place is unknown.
Match #1 Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) over Matthew Woods (Nevada) Fall 1:47
Match #2 Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) over Colin Kowalski (Maryland) Fall 1:30
Match #3 Brandon James (Indiana) over Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) TF 19-8
Match #4 Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) over David Bavery (Ohio) TF 10-0
Match #5 Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) over Julian Flores (California) TF 10-0
Match #6 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) over Trevor Zdebski (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-126 - Lincoln Olson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Lincoln Olson (Michigan) over Reed Cronin (North Dakota) TF 10-0
Match #2 Lincoln Olson (Michigan) over Reid Lyden (Minnesota) Dec 9-6
Match #3 Lincoln Olson (Michigan) over Cruz Velasquez (Washington) Dec 8-5
Match #4 Maleek Williams (Florida) over Lincoln Olson (Michigan) TF 12-2
Match #5 Ekzekiel Salvo (Maryland) over Lincoln Olson (Michigan) Dec 12-7

Junior-126 - Jesse Cleveland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Adam Wilmer (Virginia) over Jesse Cleveland (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #2 Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) over Jesse Cleveland (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-132 - Zac Hall's place is 5th.
Match #1 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Curtis Brumfield (Arkansas) TF 10-0
Match #2 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Austin McCartney (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
Match #3 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Eric Udall (California) TF 14-4
Match #4 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Tyler Mies (Kansas) TF 10-0
Match #5 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Luis Nunez (Arizona) TF 11-0
Match #6 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Wade Hodges (Ohio) TF 14-4
Match #7 Zac Hall (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #8 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Hayden Tuma (Idaho) TF 23-13
Match #9 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0
Match #10 Gary Harding (Oklahoma) over Zac Hall (Michigan) Dec 12-11
Match #11 Zac Hall (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #12 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Zac Hall (Michigan) Dec 8-6
Match #13 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Jacob Rubio (Texas) Dec 5-4

Junior-132 - Cole Weaver's place is unknown.
Match #1 Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Jawan Jones (New Jersey) TF 11-0
Match #2 Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-2
Match #3 Jack Mutchnik (Maryland) over Cole Weaver (Michigan) Dec 6-3
Match #4 Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Richard Screptock (Ohio) TF 12-2
Match #5 Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Seth Gross (Minnesota) Dec 11-9
Match #6 Fredy Stroker (Iowa) over Cole Weaver (Michigan) Dec 12-11

Junior-132 - Jordan Markey's place is unknown.
Match #1 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) TF 13-2
Match #2 Quinn Miracle (Wisconsin) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) Fall 3:39

Junior-138 - Justin Oliver's place is unknown.
Match #1 Justin Oliver (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #2 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over James Krischke (Missouri) ID
Match #3 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Blaine Invernon (Idaho) Dec 14-13
Match #4 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Zac Youngchild (Wisconsin) TF 12-0
Match #5 Ron Gentile (New Jersey) over Justin Oliver (Michigan) TF 12-2
Match #6 Justin Oliver (Michigan) over Matthew Pente (Maryland) Fall 2:35
Match #7 Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma) over Justin Oliver (Michigan) TF 17-7

Junior-138 - Zehlin Storr's place is unknown.
Match #1 Colston DiBlasi (Missouri) over Zehlin Storr (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #2 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Jacob Trybus (Maryland) TF 10-0
Match #3 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Anthony Messina (New York) TF 11-0
Match #4 Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over Zehlin Storr (Michigan) TF 16-6

Junior-138 - Evan Toth's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kraig Hammond (Alaska) over Evan Toth (Michigan) TF 11-0
Match #2 Brock Jacobson (Virginia) over Evan Toth (Michigan) TF 12-2

Junior-138 - Steven Bleise's place is unknown.
Match #1 Michael Olsen (Kansas) over Steven Bleise (Michigan) Dec 12-11
Match #2 Kamaal AbdushShakur (Georgia) over Steven Bleise (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-138 - Myles Amine's place is unknown.
Match #1 Myles Amine (Michigan) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) TF 11-0
Match #2 Myles Amine (Michigan) over Heath Henman (Arkansas) TF 10-0
Match #3 Myles Amine (Michigan) over Dominic Naso (Illinois) TF 13-2
Match #4 Myles Amine (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #5 Colby Knight (Iowa) over Myles Amine (Michigan) Dec 8-3
Match #6 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Myles Amine (Michigan) Dec 14-9

Junior-145 - Eli Joseph's place is unknown.
Match #1 Grant Leeth (Missouri) over Eli Joseph (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #2 Eli Joseph (Michigan) over Coulter Small (Florida) TF 12-2
Match #3 Jesse Etherington (Iowa) over Eli Joseph (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-145 - Andrew Napieraj's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) over Steffon Fassett (Missouri) TF 17-6
Match #2 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) over Edwin Balcita (Maryland) TF 12-0
Match #3 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) over Joe Tavoso (New Jersey) Fall 1:30
Match #4 Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) over Casey Sparkman (Ohio) Fall 1:47
Match #5 Phil Downing (Colorado) over Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) TF 21-9
Match #6 Nosomy Pozo (Florida) over Andrew Napieraj (Michigan) Fall 1:58

Junior-145 - Dominic Russ's place is unknown.
Match #1 Dominic Russ (Michigan) over Isaac Smith (Arkansas) TF 10-0
Match #2 Michael Sprague (Maryland) over Dominic Russ (Michigan) Dec 7-2
Match #3 Jake Spengler (Florida) over Dominic Russ (Michigan) TF 12-2

Junior-145 - Malik Amine's place is unknown.
Match #1 Matthew Moody (Georgia) over Malik Amine (Michigan) Dec 15-6
Match #2 Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) over Malik Amine (Michigan) Dec 10-3

Junior-152 - Rocco Borg's place is unknown.
Match #1 Rocco Borg (Michigan) over Kyle Leet (Nevada) Dec 9-5
Match #2 Vincent Corsaro (Indiana) over Rocco Borg (Michigan) TF 12-2
Match #3 Keilan Torres (Oklahoma) over Rocco Borg (Michigan) Dec 2-1

Junior-152 - Jordan Atienza's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jordan Atienza (Michigan) over Nigel Williams (New York) TF 11-1
Match #2 Reed Van Anrooy (Oregon) over Jordan Atienza (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #3 Brian Murphy (Illinois) over Jordan Atienza (Michigan) TF 11-0

Junior-160 - Alex Cornelius's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jacob Armstrong (Utah) over Alex Cornelius (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #2 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Alex Cornelius (Michigan) TF 10-0

Junior-160 - Jake Johnson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jake Johnson (Michigan) over Kenny Hughes (Indiana) TF 13-2
Match #2 Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Jake Johnson (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #3 Dalton Harmon (Utah) over Jake Johnson (Michigan) Dec 10-9

Junior-160 - Logan Marcicki's place is 4th.
Match #1 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Lukas Poloncic (Wyoming) TF 10-0
Match #2 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Chad Solomon (Tennessee) TF 11-0
Match #3 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Robert Janis (Virginia) Fall 3:49
Match #4 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Paden Moore (Minnesota) TF 11-0
Match #5 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Tim Miklus (Iowa) TF 17-7
Match #6 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Seth Monty (Arizona) Dec 12-7
Match #7 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Trey Seymour (New York) Fall 1:31
Match #8 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan) TF 12-2
Match #9 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:38
Match #10 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #11 Christian Stackhouse (New Jersey) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan) TF 12-0

Junior-170 - Mitch Craig's place is unknown.
Match #1 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Daniel Smith (New York) Fall 3:49
Match #2 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Jacob Franklin (Indiana) TF 15-3
Match #3 Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Mitch Craig (Michigan) Fall 1:46
Match #4 Lucas Westrich (Minnesota) over Mitch Craig (Michigan) Dec 14-11

Junior-170 - Andrew Garcia's place is 7th.
Match #1 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Sam Howard (Alabama) TF 10-0
Match #2 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Danny Shepherd (Utah) TF 14-3
Match #3 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Aaron Wu (California) TF 12-2
Match #4 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Konstantin Parfiryev (New York) TF 10-0
Match #5 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Max Hane (Oregon) TF 10-0
Match #6 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #7 Bo Nickal (Texas) over Andrew Garcia (Michigan) TF 11-0
Match #8 Zach Beard (Oklahoma) over Andrew Garcia (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #9 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Bryce Martin (California) TF 16-6

Junior-182 - Tyler Wildmo's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) over Cody Stevenson (Utah) TF 12-2
Match #2 Nick Corba (Ohio) over Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #3 Jacob Seely (Colorado) over Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) TF 15-5

Junior-182 - Tristin Gregory's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Dixon (Oklahoma) over Tristin Gregory (Michigan) Dec 14-5
Match #2 Tristin Gregory (Michigan) over Sebastian Larson (Wisconsin) TF 14-4
Match #3 Troy Murtha (Maryland) over Tristin Gregory (Michigan) Fall 1:00

Junior-195 - Payne Hayden's place is 4th.
Match #1 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Joe Rademacher (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
Match #2 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Jared Haught (West Virginia) Dec 9-6
Match #3 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Tyler Stevenson (Utah) TF 10-0
Match #4 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Riley Howell (Virginia) TF 11-0
Match #5 Payne Hayden (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #6 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Kyle Pope (California) TF 10-0
Match #7 Payne Hayden (Michigan) over Josh Murphy (Ohio) TF 13-2
Match #8 Joel Dixon (Oklahoma) over Payne Hayden (Michigan) Dec 11-4
Match #9 Derek White (Oklahoma) over Payne Hayden (Michigan) Dec 13-8

Junior-195 - Jimmy Russell's place is unknown.
Match #1 Christian Colucci (New Jersey) over Jimmy Russell (Michigan) Dec 10-8
Match #2 Keyad Coley (North Carolina) over Jimmy Russell (Michigan) TF 13-3

Junior-285 - Zach Wood's place is unknown.
Match #1 Nathan Butler (Kansas) over Zach Wood (Michigan) TF 10-0
Match #2 Jeff Urbina (New York) over Zach Wood (Michigan) Fall 1:05

Junior-285 - Adam Coon's place is 1st.
Match #1 Adam Coon (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #2 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Stephen Noonan (Oregon) TF 10-0
Match #3 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Dj Doolin (Wyoming) Fall 0:13
Match #4 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Michael Hobbs (Illinois) TF 11-0
Match #5 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Jerrad Nieland (Minnesota) Fall 0:34
Match #6 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Fall 1:59
Match #7 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Wes Bernard (Indiana) Fall 2:02
Match #8 Adam Coon (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #9 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Fall 1:59
Match #10 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Nathan Butler (Kansas) TF 10-0

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