2013 Super 32 Breakdown


By Steve Widzinski
Site Editor & HS Analyst

Michigan Placewinners:
106lbs - Ben Freeman, 4th
138lbs - Justin Oliver, 4th
145lbs - Logan Massa, 1st
145lbs - Nick Bennett, 3rd
145lbs - Malik Amine, 6th
170lbs - Drew Garcia, 4th
182lbs - Ty Wildmo, 6th
182lbs - Derek Hillman, 8th

Here is a breakdown of all the big wins and losses for Michigan's entries at the Super 32

Ben Freeman: 4th Place 106lbs
Notable Wins
3-1 Decision over Toribio Navarro (TN State Champ)
3-1 Decision over Sam Sasso (PA, #26 Flo JR High Rankings)
5-2 Decision over Hunter Lucas (OH, Hoosier PS Open 3rd)
3-2 Decision over Kennedy Monday (FL State 4th)

2-1 Decision to Flo #5 Gage Curry (PA State 4th & Flo 3rd)
2-1 Decision to Flo #15 Ty Agaisse (NJ State 7th)

Ian Parker: 3-2 106lbs
Notable Wins
3-2 Decision over Sam Sasso (PA, #26 Flo JR High Rankings)

1-0 Decision to Flo #5 Gage Curry (PA State 4th & Flo 3rd)
8-6 Decision to Brandon Cray (NJ, State Qualifier)

Kanen Storr: 5-2 113lbs
Notable Wins
14-4 Major Decision over Joey Rossetti (CT, State Champ)
6-5 Decision over Christian Clary (OH, State Runner-Up)
2-0 Decision over Garrett Pepple (IN, State Runner-Up)
1:35 Fall over Michael Murphy (TN, State Champ)

5-4 3OT Decision to Flo #8 Eric Hong (PA, 4th Flo & 4th Cadet FS)
4-2 Decision to Eli Stickley (OH, State 3rd)

Mason Smith: 2-2 120lbs
Notable Wins
10-6 Decision over Connor Ziegler (OH State 6th)

8-0 Major Decision to Tyrone Klump (PA State 3rd)
11-3 Major Decision to Jonathan Furnas (OH State 7th)

Ben Calandrino: 6-2 126lbs
Notable Wins
4-0 Decision over Adam Edwards (NC State Runner-Up)
5-1 Decision over Peter Robinson (MA State Runner-Up)
8-2 Decision over Jaden Hunter (AL State Runner-Up)
3-2 Decision over Andy Szalwinski (SC State Champ)
3-1 Decision over Flo #10 Jared Prince (FL State Champ & Flo 3rd)
7-2 Decision over Flo #19 Trae Blackwell (KY State Champ & Junior Folk National Champ)

9-0 Major Decision to Zach Ulerick (PA State 6th ’12)
3-0 Decision to Kevin Budock (MD National Prep Runner-Up)

Trevor Zdebski: 4-2 126lbs
Notable Wins
2-0 Decision over Matthew Russo (NJ State Qualifier)

7-2 Decision to Davion Jeffries (OK State Champ)
6-4 Decision to Weston Basler (MO State 3rd)

Lincoln Olson: 3-2 126lbs
Notable Wins
22-6 Tech-Fall over Cross Cannone (CT State Champ)
18-6 Major Decision over Paul Ambrose (NC State 4th)
15-5 Major Decision over Jacob Guthridge (VA State Runner-Up)

3-2 Decision to Flo #9 Zeke Moisey (PA 2X State Runner-Up)
1-0 Decision to Peter Lipari (NJ State 7th)

Zehlin Storr: 3-2 132lbs
Notable Wins
14-6 Major Decision over Bo Pipher (CO State Runner-Up)
9-2 Decision over Jamal Morris (FL State Champ & Flo 8th)

8-0 Major Decision to Flo #4 Michael Kemerer (PA 2X State Runner-Up)
1:23 Fall to Hayden Hidlay (PA, Cadet FS & GR Runner-Up)

Jordan Markey: 3-2 132lbs
Notable Wins
6-1 Decision over Dylan LaFountain (VT State Champ)
4-2 Decision over Sam Martino (VA State 4th)
6-2 Decision over Marcus Iwama (NJ State Qualifier)

4-2 Decision to Kody Kernan (WV State Champ)
3-2 Decision to Jamal Morris (FL State Champ & Flo 8th)

Justin Oliver: 4th 138lbs
Notable Wins
8-1 Decision over Joshua Fuqua (IN State Runner-Up ’11)
2:39 Fall over Joe Oliva (NJ State 7th)
6-3 Decision over Patricio Lugo (FL State 3rd)
8-5 Decision over Myles Amine (MI State 3rd)
3:30 Fall over Jake Adcock (GA State 3rd)
3:23 Fall over Joe Ghione (NJ State 6th ’12)
8-6 Decision over Kyle Lawson (KY State Runner-Up)

7-2 Decision to over Joe Ghione (NJ State 6th ’12)
8-6 OT Decision over Flo #11 Patrick Duggan (PA State Runner-Up)

Myles Amine: 6-2 138lbs
Notable Wins
2-1 Decision over Blaise Benderoth (NY State 6th)
2-1 Decision over Matthew Barber (NJ State Qualifier)
2-1 Decision over Jesse Rodgers (PA State 4th & Flo 6th)

5-4 Decision to Jacob Wentzel (PA State 8th)
8-5 Decision to Flo #20 Justin Oliver (MI 2X State Champ)

Logan Massa: 145lbs Champion
Notable Wins
18-6 Major Decision over Hayden Hansen (OK State Runner-Up)
14-2 Major Decision over Dewey Krueger (WI State Champ)
13-6 Decision over Michael Longo (CA State 6th)
Injury Default over Malik Amine (MI State Champ)
4-3 Decision over Grant Leeth (MO, 2012 Super 32 Champ)

Nick Bennett: 3rd Place 145lbs
Notable Wins
7-0 Decision over Tristen Finch (IL State Runner-Up)
4-0 Decision over DJ Hollingshead (PA, Cadet FS 5th)
6-1 Decision over Dewey Krueger (WI State Champ)
5-0 Decision over Flo #15 Tanner Bailey (OK State Champ)
10-3 Decision over Thomas Dutton (NY State 4th)
12-3 Major Decision over Michael Longo (CA State 6th)

4-3 Decision to John Van Brill (NJ State 5th ’11)

Malik Amine: 6th Place 145lbs
Notable Wins
6-2 Decision over Travis Willers (IA State Runner-Up ’12)
4-1 Decision over Ryan Burkert (NJ 2X State Placer)
4-2 Decision over Flo #15 Gary Dinmore (NJ 2X State Runner-Up)

Injury Default to Flo #3 Logan Massa (MI State Champ & S32 Champ)
Medical Forfeit to Nick Bennett (MI, Super 32 3rd)
Medical Forfeit to Tommy Forte (IN, State Champ)

Chad Decker: 5-2 145lbs
Notable Wins
7-4 Decision over Dallas Roemer (NC State Champ)
6-3 Decision over Willie Davis (DE State 3rd)
1-0 Decision over Ryan Burkert (NJ 2X State Placer)

7-1 Decision to Flo #18 Paden Bailey (OK State 3rd)
5-1 Decision to Billy Barnes (PA State 6th)

Doug Rojem: 2-2 145lbs
Notable Wins
6-4 Decision over Troy Joyce (FL State 4th)

2-0 Decision to Billy Barnes (PA State 6th)
3-2 Decision to Kazim Bakhriyev (PA)

Jelani Embree: 4-2 160lbs
Injury Default to Bobby Fehr (PA State 6th)
Injury Default to AJ Kowal (OH State Qualifier)

Jordan Atienza: 3-2 160lbs
Notable Wins
4:29 Fall over Nacodie Barrows (WV State 4th)

15-7 Major Decision to Austin Reese (OH State 5th ’12)
3-0 Decision to Flo #15 Christian Stackhous (NJ, Junior FS 3rd)

Drew Garcia: 4th Place 170lbs
Notable Wins
7-0 Decision over Brandon Wolfe (DE State Runner-Up)
3-1 Decision over Brad Drover (MA State Champ)
6-2 Decision over Joe Heyob (OH State 6th)

5-2 Decision to Taylor Lujan (GA State Champ)
3-1 Decision to Tyrel White (PA National Prep 3rd)

Jacob Cooper: 5-2 170lbs
Notable Wins
10-1 Major Decision over Kellen Whitney (NJ State Qualifier)
3-1 Decision over TJ O’Hara (MN State Runner-Up)
7-2 Decision over Bryce Pappas (MD 2X National Prep AA)

9-7 Decision to Matthew Gibely (MA State 6th)
3-0 Decision to David Peters-Logue (NC State Runner-Up)

Ty Wildmo: 6th Place 182lbs
Notable Wins
11-4 Decision over Jacob Worthington (OH State 6th)
10-6 Decision over Flo #11 Tristan Sponseller (PA State Runner-Up)

10-0 Major Decision to Nicky Hall (NY, National Prep Champ)
1:43 Fall to Roccy Caywood (OH, Super 32 4th)
Medical Forfeit to Flo #19 Tom Sleigh (PA State 3rd & Flo 6th)

Derek Hillman: 8th Place 182lbs
Notable Wins
7-1 Decision over Austin Price (VT State Champ)
5-1 Decision over Ant Cassar (NJ State Qualifier)
8-5 Decision over Zane Black (PA, Flo #30 Freshman)
5-4 Decision over Phil Woods (NJ, State Qualifier)

3-1 Decision to Anthony McLaughlin (OH State 6th)
2:39 Fall to Rocco Caywood (OH, Super 32 4th)
12-6 Decision to #11 Tristan Sponseller (PA State Runner-Up)

Jimmy Russell: 4-2 220lbs
Notable Wins
6-1 Decision over Nicholas D’Uva (NJ State Qualifier)
1-0 Decision over Brad Sadilek (IN State Qualifier)
1:50 Fall over James Ford (OH, Cadet GR 7th)

3:00 Fall to Vincent Feola (NY, Super 32 4th)
5-2 Decision to Jake Gunning (PA State Qualifier)

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