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7/6 - The second season of the Michigan Grappler Fab 50 Youth
Tournament series is in the books and it is official, Zack Cooper
of Big Rapids is the champion.  Cooper, who will be a freshman
this fall at Chippewa Hills High School, led the majority of the
season and finished nearly 50 points ahead of last year's
champion Mark Hall.

Among Cooper's many titles over the last year were Border
Wars Fall and Winter National crowns, a win at the Viper Pit in
Ohio, as well as MMWA and MYWAY State Championships. 
He also won the West Coast Nationals and was named
Outstanding Wrestler of his age division. 

As the Fab 50 season winner, Cooper has also earned the honor
of being the 2009 Michigan Grappler Youth Wrestler of the Year. 
Aside from his success in Fab 50 events, Cooper also went
undefeated on the MI Xtreme Middle School National Duals team
in Iowa earning 1st team all-american and he was undefeated in
the Grand River Rumble and Midwest Grand Challenge Duals.

Just like last year, Mark Hall won every Fab 50 tournament in
which he entered en route to his runner-up finish this year.  Among his titles were Border Wars Nationals, Tulsa Kickoff, Liberty, Viper Pit, and MUSA Freestyle and Greco State championships.

Just behind Hall in the standings was Dalton Ballantine of Clio, Andrew Hughes of Holt, and Milik Dawkins of Flint/Team Michigan rounding out the top 5.  The full top 10 are posted below, along with their point totals, and the complete Top 50 are below as well.  The Top 10 in the Fab 50 standings will guarantee themselves a spot on the Michigan Grappler All-Future Team, which will be announced next month. 

We will be posting the complete scoring spreadsheet later this week and we are asking everyone to check the scoresheet for any mistakes or results that were not recorded.  Please do not send in any new results to include as the deadline to report results was last month.  Please only report mistakes or corrections that we need to fix and email to report those mistakes.

Check back throughout the summer for updates on next year's Fab 50 schedule and information.  Any tournaments interested in being included in the Fab 50 can contact us via email at

Michigan Grappler Fab 50 Top 10
1. Zack Cooper (Chipp Hills/Xtreme), 195pts
2. Mark Hall II (Davison/CMS), 148pts
3. Dalton Ballontine (Clio), 145pts
4. Andrew Hughes (Holt/Spartan Lightning), 141pts
5. Milik Dawkins (Team Michigan MYWAY), 129pts
6. Brenden Zelenka (St Johns), 122pts
7. Dominic Russ (CMS), 121pts
8. Kane Williams (Clio), 121pts
9. Anthony Gonzales (Ortonville Outlaws), 117pts
10. Dominic Sutermeister (CMS), 113pts

Full scoresheet will be posted in the next couple days on the Fab 50 Home Page

2009 Michigan Grappler Youth Fab 50
*Note these standings are not yet final and may change slightly per any reporting mistakes that may be fixed
1Zack Cooper, Big Rapids/Michigan Xtreme, 13-15 85lbs
2Mark Hall II, Davison (CMS), 11-12
3Dalton Ballontine, Clio, 9-10, 63lbs
4Andrew Hughes, Holt/Spartan Lightning, 7-8 46lbs
5Milik Dawkins, CMS, 100lbs
6Brendon Zelenka, St Johns, 9-10 51lbs
7Dominic Russ, CMS, 13-15 80lbs
8Kane Williams, Clio, 9-10
9Anthony Gonzales, Ortonville Outlaws, 13-14 100lbs
10Dominic Sutermeister, CMS, 9-10 80lbs
11Taylor Grenawalt, Haslett, 13-15, 122lbs
12Jesus Jimenez, CCWC, 7-8 46lbs
13Hunter Fifield, CMS, 11-12, 70lbs
14Justin Oliver, Goodrich (CMS), 11-12
15Payne Hayden, LWC, 13-14 138lbs
16Brendan Mcrill, CMS, 9-10, 85lbs
17Gage Gillam, 9-10, 70lbs
18Lucas Hall, Byron Center, 9-10 70lbs
19Tyler Morland, CMS,  9-10
20Drew Wixsom, Eaton Rapids, 11-12 90lbs
21Shabo Gorial, Hartland, 11-12
22Mike Willits, CMS, 90lbs
23Chris Fauson, Spartan Lightning, 9-10 63lbs
24Jahron Coulson, 7-8 72lbs
25Jordan Hall, Byron Center, 11-12 95lbs
26Jacob Madrigal, Davison, 9-10, 65lbs
27Lincoln Olson, CMS, 13-14 77lbs
28Jake Johnson, Dakota, 13-14 112lbs
29Trent Barnes, 7-8 64lbs
30Devin Schroder, Team Hendy, 11-12 65lbs
31Jayden Rittenbury, Hartland, 5-6 49lbs
32Ryan Prescott, W-P, 11-12 HWT
33Maxwell Johnson, Kearsley/Flint All-Stars, 11-12 60lbs
34George Gonzales, 9-10 90lbs
35Gavin Bartley, Charlotte, 5-6
36Angus Arthur, Spartan Lightning, 11-12, 105lbs
37Brett Stanley, 5-6, 50lbs
38Danny Poupore, 7-8, 55lbs
39Nick Brandt, DeWitt, 9-10, 80lbs
40Jesse Brumm, Maple Valley, 5-6 40lbs
41Gage Hutchinson, LWC, 13-14
42Zeth Caudill, Springport/Sp Lightning, 9-10 85lbs
43Hunter Schneider, The Pride WC, 9-10 90lbs
44Michael Ellis, Holt, 7-8 67lbs
45Jacob Schmitt, St Johns, 13-14
46Aaron Hoorn, South Lyon, 11-12 55lbs
47Mickey Sutton, Jr Warriors, 145lbs
48Alec Panteleo, Canton
49Jordan Schmaltz, Holt, 7-8 72lbs
50Connor Goike, 11-12 105lbs

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