Final Fab 50 Standings Released, Natale wins 2010 Fab 50

8/6 - The 3rd season of the Fab 50 came to an end a few months ago
and all the scores have been submitted and tabulated.  After an intense
year of youth wrestling with over 100 Michigan wrestlers who competed
in many of the 40 events on the Fab 50 schedule, it was Caden Natale
of Shamrock Wrestling Club/Grizzly Elite Wrestling Club who finished
atop the standings.

Natale, who competed in the 5-6 year old division this year, was a true
Fab 50 ironman, scoring 196 points while competing in a total of 26 Fab
50 events from August thru April.  He won a total of 21 tournament titles
this year, including the Viper Pit in Ohio, Northeast Nationals in
Pennsylvania, the MYWAY Spartan Country Kickoff, and the MUSAW
Freestyle State Championship. 

By scoring the most Fab 50 points, Natale has locked up Michigan
Grappler Fab 50 Youth Wrestler of the Year Honors for the 2009-2010
season.  He is the third wrestler of the year, following Zack Cooper of
Big Rapids in 2009 and Mark Hall of Davison who won the first Fab 50
title back in 2008.

Hunter Scheider of Midland finished runner-up with 146 points. 
Schneider, much like Natale, was very busy this season placing in a
total of 25 Fab 50 events.

MYWAY State Champs Michael Ellis-Harris, James Johnston, and
Andrew Hughes round out the top 5.  Fellow MYWAY State Champs
Chris Fauson and Hunter Fifield, as well as MYWAY State Runners-Up
Jacob Cooper and Jesus Jimenez, finished in the top 10 as well. 

All Top 10 finishers earned at-large berths on the 2010 Michigan Grappler All-Future Youth Dream Team.

Of the Top 10 wrestlers, 9 of them placed top 4 at the Border Wars Folkstyle Nationals last November in Battle Creek.

The complete All-Future team will be released in the coming weeks on

Click here for the full Fab 50 Standings scoresheet or read below to see this year's Youth Fab 50.

2010 Michigan Grappler Youth Fab 50
* At-Large bid for All-Future Team
*1Caden Natale, Shamrock/Grizzly Elite, 5-6 55lbs
*2Hunter Schneider, Midland, 9-10 95lbs
*3Michael Ellis-Harris, Spartan Lighning, 77lbs
*4James Johnston, Shamrock,
*5Andrew Hughes, Spartan Lightning, 7-8 52lbs
*6Jordan Hamdan, 7-8, 58lbs
*7Jacob Cooper, Springport
*8Chris Fauson, Massas Maniacs, 9-10 70lbs
*9Jesus Jimenez, Spart Lightning/CCWC, 9-10 55lbs
*10Hunter Fifield, 11-12 80lbs
11Mike Willits, CMS, 13-14 100
12Marshall Hoard, Branch County, 6&U 60lbs
13Kyle Kantola, 7-8 64lbs
14Brenden McRill, CMS, 11-12 95lbs
15Nick Cooper, Springport,
16Jordan Schmaltz, Holt/Spartan Lightning, 9-10 80lbs
17Maxwell Johnson, CMS, 11-12 70lbs
18Logan Ritchie, 13-14 130lbs
19Dominic Russ, Holly/CMS, 13-14 100
20Drew Wixson
21Sage Serbenta, Lowell/Spartan Lightning, 7-8 72lbs
22Nick Brandt, Spartan Lightning, 9-10
23Jake Johnson, Dakota, 119lbs
24Jacob McKnight, Gaylord, 7-8 82lbs
25Jesse Brum, Maple Valley, 5-6 43lbs
26Brenden Zelenka, St Johns, 9-10 55lbs
27Nathan Schutt, Motor City, 9-10 110lbs
28Tyler Morland
29Dalton Ballontine, Clio, 9-10 67lbs
30Cameron Lee, Waverly, 13-15 170lbs
31Carter Hoard, 9-10 67lbs
32Jahron Coulson, 7-8 97lbs
33Zachary Zoll, Hartland, 9-10 75lbs
34Jonathan Greathouse, Mason, 9-10, 85lbs
35Brayden Kessler, 9-10 95lbs
36Landon Pelham, Tecumseh, 13-14 185lbs
37Milik Dawkins, Team Michigan, 105lbs
38Trevor Zdebski, Shamrock, 13-14 90lbs
39Beau Mourer, Brighton, 11-12 95lbs
40Sean Spidle, 46lbs
41Connor McDill, CMS, 11-12
42Orion Wilson, Sault St Marie, 5-6 38lbs
43Zach Schneider, Midland, 11-12 85lbs
44Emmett Bingaman, 01-02, 113lbs
45John Cooper Jr., Airport, 119lbs
46Logan McDill, 9-10 85lbs
47George Gonzales Jr, 9-10 100lbs
48Chandler Murton, Maple Valley, 7-8 67lbs
49Christian Schrader, Maple Valley, 5-6 40lbs
50Mason Grasso, Jr Warriors, 9-10, 52lbs

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