Michigan Grappler "Fab 50" Youth Tournament Series

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2009-2010 Fab 50 Home Page
2010-2011 SEASON

  • 1/25 - Victory at the Viper Pit added as a PLATINUM event!  This makes for three big time point possiblities with Viper Pit, NUWAY Nationals, and the Ohio TOC all coming in the month of April!
  • 1/24 - Portland and Holt MYWAY events added to schedule!  Two more events in-state for the month of February!  Check back for more updates.
  • 12/11 - More events are being added!  Dixie Nationals, Liberty Nationals, Grizzly Growl, Top Hat among recent additions!  Keep checking back!
  • 6/23 - 2010-2011 Season tentative schedule released for the 4th season of the Michigan Grappler Fab 50

Here are the past Fab 50 Winners:
  • 2010 - Caden Natale (Shamrock WC)
  • 2009 - Zack Cooper (Xtreme)
  • 2008 - Mark Hall (CMS)

  • Wrestlers in grades 8 and below are eligible.  High School wrestlers are NOT eligible for The Fab 50.  Grade is based on 2009-10 school year.

  • Only Michigan residents are eligible

  • Points can be earned by wrestler’s placing in any of the Fab 50 credited events for the 2010-20101season (see event list and scoring system below). 

  • Only one placing can be used from a single event (for example if someone competes in 2 age groups or weight classes at a tournament and places in both, only one placing can count towards Fab 50.)

  • Travel Rule - Wrestler may only accrue a maximum of 50 points from "out of state" events.  All tournaments that do not take place in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois will be considered "out of state"

If you do not send in results we cannot guarantee that the results will be recorded and your points counted for
that event.

  • Blatant mistakes and/or attempts to tamper with a wrestlers's points and standing will be grounds for complete removal from the Fab 50.  Michigan Grappler will handle any such occurences on a case-to-case basis

  • Placing in "novice" or "rookie" divisions of tournaments will not count towards the Fab 50
(For example - The Tulsa Nationals have a "Rookie" Division for wrestlers with 2yrs expierence or
less, placing in that division will not score points in the Fab 50.)

These events are confirmed, however, schedule/scoring is subject to change

** For ASICS Kids Nationals - Any junior high wrestlers who compete as Cadets for USAW events, placing at the Fargo Cadet Nationals will count as a replacement for the Kids Nationals

Check back frequently for additions to this year's schedule!  

Any tournaments interested in being in this year's Fab 50 email admin@michigangrappler.com.

Note: If a platinum, gold, or silver event awards only the top 4 places, then only those places earn points from that event.  Likewise, if an event awards more than 6 places, ONLY the top 6 will earn points.

Platinum events
1st = 20pts
2nd = 18pts
3rd = 16pts
4th = 14pts
5th = 12pts
6th = 10pts

Gold Events
1st = 14pts
2nd = 12pts
3rd = 10pts
4th = 9pts
5th = 8pts
6th = 7pts

Silver Events
1st = 10pts
2nd = 8pts
3rd = 6pts
4th = 5pts
5th = 4pts
6th = 3pts

Bronze Events
1st = 4pt
2nd = 3pt
3rd = 2pt
4th = 1pt

  • The Top Five Point Scorers will become finalists for the Michigan Grappler Youth Wrestler of the Year.  The Wrestler of the Year will then be chosen based on in-state dominance and sucess on the National Level.  The Wrestler of the Year will receive a custom trophy.
  • The Top 10 Point Scorers will earn an automatic, at-large berth onto the Michigan Grappler All-Future Youth Dream Team.
  • The Top 50 point scorers will land a spot on the Michigan Grappler Youth Fab 50.  All of the Fab 50, including the top 10, will receive custom Fab 50 certificates. 

Questions, comments, or concerns about the Fab 50?  Feel free to email fab50@michigangrappler.com.

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Border Wars Lowell Fair (Lowell)
Allegan Tiger Grapplalooza (Allegan)
Border Wars Spartan Classic (East Lansing)
Border Wars Folkstyle Nationals (Battle Creek)
Tulsa Kickoff (Tulsa, OK)
MYWAY Top Hat (Ypsilanti)
Chippewa Challenge (Mt Pleasant)
Grizzly Growl (Oakland)
Dixie Nationals (Atlanta, GA)
MYWAY Spartan Country (East Lansing)
Cedar Springs MYWAY (Cedar Springs)
Tulsa Nationals (Tulsa, OK)
Tecumseh MYWAY (Tecumseh)
Holt MYWAY (Holt)
Portland MYWAY (Portland)
Liberty Nationals (Kansas City, MO)
MYWAY Regional
MYWAY State Finals (Battle Creek)
NUWAY Nationals
Victory in the Viper Pit (Massilon, OH)
Ohio Tournament of Champions (Columbus, OH)
MUSAW Greco-Roman State Finals
MUSAW Freestyle State Finals
**ASICS Kids Greco-Roman Nationals
**ASICS Kids Freestyle Nationals
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